Mayfield Mystery #1


When Nora Sheldon’s husband is kidnapped while they’re on their honeymoon, all her hopes and plans tumble into a nightmare. Then the FBI comes knocking. Turns out Nora doesn’t know her husband as well as she thought she did, and the feds are equally anxious about Skip’s fate.

Is Skip Sheldon a con man or some kind of Robin Hood or simply misunderstood? And if he really loved her, why did he drag her into this mess?

She’d interrogate and then throttle him herself (and save his kidnappers the trouble) if she could—but she’s not so sure he’s still alive to bear the brunt of her worry.

Nora and her stalwart executive assistant, Clarice, seek refuge on one of Skip’s properties—an abandoned poor farm on the edge of the Dark Divide in Washington State—to wait for a ransom call and entertain obnoxious FBI agents.

Can Nora wriggle through the maze of Skip’s accounts and questionable acquaintances before she falls under suspicion herself? And for what crimes, exactly? She wishes she knew.