Sockeye County Mysteries #1


What do you do when you’ve stolen a readily identifiable object worth millions? An item no pawnshop operator in his right mind would touch.

And the cops—county, state, feds, every agency with a terrifying three-letter acronym—are hot on your trail?

Ditch the goods, of course. Even if it’s arguable that you’re not too bright.

But where?

Ahh, indeed…

…and that’s still the question, thirty-seven years later.

Everybody knows where the pursuit dead-ended, but nobody’s found the treasure—yet. And most have given up.

Except one guy.

A conman of the most despicable character. A lowlife in every sense of the word, who forgot the difference between a truth and a fabrication a long time ago.

Time is running out. And his not-quite-ex wife is going to be just thrilled to see him. Not to mention Sheriff Marge Stettler, who banned him (unofficially—but very, very officially in all the ways that really matter) from her county for his many indiscretions.

…because the real question is, what risks do you have to take to retrace the last steps and muddled reasoning of an inept thief—the unpredictable yahoo who was a few nuggets short of a gold mine even in the best of circumstances?


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