Sockeye County Mystery #1


Sheriff Marge Stettler has had a county full of misdemeanor vandalism and petty theft for several months now, and the situation is just about to drive her batty. Because it’s not normal. In fact, it’s almost like someone is orchestrating this spate of stupid criminality—on purpose, just to inflict targeted harm and irritate her.

Or distract her. Because old Griffin Hughes just died, and his auto salvage yard (otherwise known as a collectors’ paradise) is being turned into the auction event of the year—in a county that doesn’t normally see this kind of action in a collective decade. Or this number of visitors.

So maybe this whole thing is a foil. But for what? And how long do Sheriff Marge and her slender crew of deputies, including the new undersheriff, Ruby Falcone, have to figure it out?

In a sleepy county where everybody knows everybody, someone is sneaking around the edges and rapidly escalating his own nefarious agenda.

Jerusha’s Note: To read a preview from the first chapter of SOCKEYE COUNTY SHORTS, click HERE.