Do you love the supper club menus in the Tin Can mysteries?

Here’s how to design your own!


An eminently practical guide that will help you feel comfortable and competent in quickly pulling together a satisfying and truly flavorful meal—whether it’s for yourself, your immediate family, a group of friends who dropped by, a celebratory reception, a fundraiser, or any other reason people will be eating together.

Actually, do we need a reason?

Sometimes, the food is the reason. But more often than not, the company and companionship turn into the real reason.

Learn to create menus for meals that those you love will want to linger over, sharing about their days, discussing matters of the heart, and bonding in ways that build the deepest memories—when delicious meals become the delivery mechanism for better things.

WARNING: There are NO recipes in this book! (because you can find those anywhere)


  • A discussion of the components of flavor and how to tap into them in both objective and subjective ways.
  • Instructions for melding seasonal dishes into memorable meals.
  • Planning pantry basics that enable you to prepare delicious meals on short notice.
  • How to deal with finicky guests.
  • Lots and lots of helpfully practical tips.
  • Case studies from the Tin Can Canteen.

If you love food and enjoy tinkering in the kitchen, if the supper club menus in the Tin Can mystery series have made you salivate, if you get giddy at the prospect of reading amazing menus, then this book is for you.