Tin Can Mystery #3


It’s a cause avid foodie and enthusiastic eater, Eva Fairchild, can really get behind—the launch of a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm in the small town of Fidelity, Oregon. But when a tractor plows up a WWII-era bomb in the back forty, things get dicey. Turns out there’s more lurking under the surface than anyone expected.

As a marketer and publicist, Eva wants nothing more than to help her friends and clients protect the reputation of their farm, but to do her job properly, she may need to pair up with the endearingly grouchy detective, Vaughn Malloy—whom she’s just begun to date—to figure out why all these human remains, both ancient and disturbingly fresh, keep popping up in the rich humus.

And there’s no avoiding the fact that it takes a village—or at least the floating community of Eva’s new residence at Marten’s Marina—to solve a crime. After all, nobody can keep a good gaggle of busybodies down, not even when the threat ranges alarmingly close to home.