Tin Can Mystery #5


You know what’s bad for business in a boutique hotel? A body in the bed. One that doesn’t have enough air left in her lungs to become a satisfied repeat customer. Since the hotel owner is one of Eva Fairchild’s public relations and marketing clients, creatively constructed spin and press statements are inevitable in her near future. But in her heart-of-hearts she has an even greater burden to bear.

Because Eva knew that body—when it was still breathing. In fact, the victim had confided in her. Perhaps—if she’d been paying closer attention—Eva could’ve done something to prevent this tragedy.

As if one distressed family weren’t enough, Eva’s semi-estranged father decides now would be a good time to visit. Talk about culture shock. He’ll be on his own amid the eccentric (in the best way possible, of course) residents of Marten’s Marina while Eva and her boyfriend, Detective Vaughn Malloy, chase down the growing web of tangled connections between relatives and friends of the dead woman and open an even bigger can of worms.

Accusations are flying. Tempers are flaring. Emerging technology complicates everything. With lucre and love at odds, Eva finds that trying to set one matter right might have the consequence of sinking herself and those she holds dear into deeper danger.