Tin Can Mystery #4


Changes are afoot. Lots of them. Eva Fairchild supposes that’s to be expected when one is self-employed. But being conscripted into pro bono work on top of her already busy schedule? Sure, why not?

Add supper club experiments in the midst of a January ice storm; missing valuables; the snarky, inbred world of philanthropic (mis)management; and one criminally good-looking police detective who invites himself over for dinner on a regular basis, and Eva’s well-planned life is brimming over. Not that she’s complaining. Much.

But when the gala that was supposed to launch her cooking hobby into a major career shift devolves into a free-for-all brawl on the deck of her floating house, it has nothing to do with whether or not she remembered to put the chocolate in the mole sauce.

Somebody has the cultural elite of the small town of Fidelity, Oregon on an emotional razor’s edge. But no one’s talking about why. And ignored threats of revenge don’t go away—they fester. Until something blows.