Tin Can Mystery Series

Eva Fairchild is a walking repository of other people’s secrets. It’s not a role she ever asked for, and it comes with a level of risk she’d rather avoid. Nonetheless, she’s been well and truly adopted into the floating community at Marten’s Marina. Combine building her fledgling marketing/PR/graphic design business with culinary lessons for her blue-haired teenage tagalong, Willow Ratliff, and a handsome yet somewhat annoying detective who’s taken to inviting himself over for dinner, and her life is comfortably busy. Until those secrets rear their hairy hides once again.

Imogene Museum Mystery Series

Platts Landing, Washington, in the Columbia River Gorge—small town, breathtaking scenery, and impossibly nosy neighbors. But Meredith Morehouse, reformed city girl and curator of the eclectic Imogene Museum, is learning to live with it. Even though just about everyone, including Sheriff Marge Stettler, has impertinent suggestions about how well she should get to know hunky tugboat captain Pete Sills.

Sockeye County Mystery Series

An extension of and expansion on the Imogene Museum mystery series. Sheriff Marge is still busy protecting—and advising—her brood of county residents, and her staff is growing! You’ll recognize lots of old-timers and enjoy getting to meet the new arrivals. Lighthearted and frisky, with the added benefit of actual local news stories (fictionalized, of course) incorporated into the plots. Crazy things that only (but really, truly) happen in the country…

Jericho McElroy Mystery Series

Jericho McElroy has just enough skills, just enough knowledge, just enough free time, just enough curiosity, just enough reason…to get himself in a lot of hot soup.

As a humble junk picker/tow truck driver/scrap hauler/handyman, he can reflexively nail the make year of a classic Chevy just by the size of its vestigial tailfins, pinpoint the best locations to stash drugs inside a Honda Civic’s door panels, winch anything out of any ditch anywhere, and find the perfect match for the crown molding in his old Craftsman fixer-upper. He generally cobbles together a living by converting pieces of trash into unique treasures. He also happens to be an expert at fending off the desperate advances of the rabid divorcées in town. It’s not a terrible life, and the freedom can’t be beat.

Rosaria Trout Mystery Series

Rosaria Trout is on the run—from a bucketload of heartache and fury, and toward a clean slate where her new name is as anonymous as her short haircut.

She’d planned not to stop for breath until she hit the Pacific Ocean, but a small town in the Columbia River Gorge had other ideas. Namely, a summer festival complete with a rinky-dink parade that clogged up Main Street and a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window of a dilapidated historical house.

She did, after all, need to start over in a place that wouldn’t strangle her pocketbook.

Mayfield Mystery Series

There’s a conman in the family, maybe. No, it’s bigger than that. Torn between loyalty to a husband she doesn’t know as well as she thought she did and the FBI’s urgency in locating him, all while being hounded by the mobster enemies she’s acquired through matrimony—Nora’s world has been turned upside down.