A Fine and Distant Itch

Jericho McElroy Mystery #3


You know what causes turmoil in a rural county?

Money. Lots of it. Being handed out like candy. But beware—the candy comes with caveats.

Which Jericho McElroy knows all too well.

Small versus big; little versus great; novices versus titans; just barely scraping by versus unfathomably deep pockets. One could almost say David versus Goliath, except Goliath’s the name of the dog, and he wouldn’t appreciate the insinuation.

Jericho knows the underdog in the case. In fact, Gladdie Plew is bunking in one of his trailers at the moment. She’s one feisty widow lady, but is she in over her head? Now that Bud Leach, the county prosecutor-elect, is on her side, she has a shot at justice, but has her grief taken her one step too far?

With a new grandniece on the way and a grandnephew to watch over and a steady squeeze who deserves romantic dates and a thriving business to manage, Jericho was hoping for a little peace in his life. Not for murder. 

Curvy Canary

Rosaria Trout Mystery #1


Rosaria Trout is on the run—from a bucketload of heartache and fury, and toward a clean slate where her new name is as anonymous as her short haircut.

She’d planned not to stop for breath until she hit the Pacific Ocean, but a small town in the Columbia River Gorge had other ideas. Namely, a summer festival complete with a rinky-dink parade that clogged up Main Street and a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window of a dilapidated historical house.

She did, after all, need to start over in a place that wouldn’t strangle her pocketbook.

What she hadn’t counted on was the untimely demise of the curvaceous redhead who’s been tailing her.

They were both out of their element, and only one of them has survived—so far. 

Jerusha’s Note: If all goes well, CURVY CANARY will be published in the winter of 2020. To be notified of new releases, please sign up for my email newsletter.