Sockeye County Skinny

Sockeye County Mystery #4


Sockeye County sits smack dab in the middle of the scenic Columbia River Gorge. It’s a land full of history and natural resources.

And criminals, apparently. Or at least the criminally negligent.

When a mining truck loses its brakes and crashes down an embankment into the river along with its entire load, no one is more surprised than the controversial earth-moving contractor to find out there was an extra passenger.

An extra passenger who is too dead to answer questions.

But Sheriff Marge and her deputies have a lot of questions. And so does Meredith Sills, the curator of the Imogene Museum.

Because while the passenger wasn’t carrying his identification, he was carrying something that should’ve been placed in safekeeping in a museum at least a century ago.

Gone Without a Hitch

Jericho McElroy Mystery #2


Everyone’s talking about it. The heist of the century.

Klickitat County hasn’t seen an absconding of this sort since the days of stagecoaches and payrolls delivered in gold.

Technology is the new gold, and believe it or not, it can go missing. Right off a railroad side rail in the middle of the night.

And while everybody’s talking, nobody’s saying anything of substance. Which makes Jericho McElroy mighty glad that he’s not the sheriff tasked with solving the theft.

But for the very fact that there’s not a badge pinned to his chest, he winds up seeing things he’s not supposed to see, and hearing things he’s not supposed to hear. And since there’s a brain between his ears, he’s putting two and two together and getting himself in hot soup.

In a county where half the residents are land rich but cash poor, scrabbling together a subsistence of sorts and bristling with a don’t-tread-on-me mentality, a little extra spending money can go a long way. After all, they have their baby bumps, batteries, bunkers and booby traps to think of.

But Jericho’s finding that not all quirks are endearing. Some are downright dangerous.


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