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Sockeye County Au Naturel

Sockeye County Mystery #3

The population of Sockeye County is growing, for all the best reasons—weddings and babies! But the other kind of influx is going on too. The singular kind of crazy that is tourist season.

While their leisure-spent money is certainly appreciated by the townsfolk, the thrill seekers bring a hard-charging, adrenaline-laced edge to everything they do, from buying supplies at Junction General to clogging the narrow shoulders of State Route 14 with their tricked-out crossover vehicles and boat trailers. Not much about this season is bucolic.

So when the body of an off-duty, out-of-area police officer is found along the railroad tracks, Sheriff Marge has an abundance of suspects. But the more she and her team investigate, the more they think the victim was hiding—not just from corrupt cohorts, but maybe from himself as well. Maybe from something even worse.

Sheriff Marge has more than enough to do just taking care of her own constituents. Will luring a knowledgeable killer out into the open stretch her and her deputies beyond the breaking point?

Neon Warning

Tin Can Mystery #8

Eva Malloy and her partner in cooking, Willow Ratliff, are taking their supper club venture to the next level—by foraging for their own wild foods. What they didn’t expect to find was a dead body, face-down in a marsh. It’s enough to turn anyone’s stomach.

But when Eva and her police detective husband, Vaughn, discover the man is dead because he had the wrong name—well, the right name but in the wrong context—everything changes. Now they have a murder investigation on their hands.

And it goes to the top. Straight to the very top. Of both the local law enforcement echelon and the city’s hierarchy of rackets bosses. All while both sides might be playing footsie with each other under the table.

You thought vice was cloaked in social niceties these days? That it’s watered down and euphemized for general enjoyment? That maybe it doesn’t even happen in its worst sense in well-bred, hipster cities like Portland, Oregon? Yeah, think again.

Can Eva and Vaughn sort through the mire and bring the truth to light without getting their own names featured at the top of a hit list?

Jerusha’s Note: If all goes well, NEON WARNING will be published in the spring of 2019. If you’d like to be notified when the book is available, please sign up for my new release newsletter.

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