Jericho McElroy Mystery Series

Jericho McElroy has just enough skills, just enough knowledge, just enough free time, just enough curiosity, just enough reason…to get himself in a lot of hot soup.

As a humble junk picker/tow truck driver/scrap hauler/handyman, he can reflexively nail the make year of a classic Chevy just by the size of its vestigial tailfins, pinpoint the best locations to stash drugs inside a Honda Civic’s door panels, winch anything out of any ditch anywhere, and find the perfect match for the crown molding in his old Craftsman fixer-upper. He generally cobbles together a living by converting pieces of trash into unique treasures. He also happens to be an expert at fending off the desperate advances of the rabid divorcées in town. It’s not a terrible life, and the freedom can’t be beat.