Sockeye County Mystery Series

One of the great delights in writing is the chance to play with story elements: characters, settings, structure, point of view. This new Sockeye County series has given me the chance to expand on the cast of characters from the Imogene Museum series, develop them in more depth in the context of their community and give you a peek inside the heads of many of them. Also, I think the tone may be more lighthearted and frisky.

But there’s still definitely a mystery, and I’m having loads of fun incorporating actual local news stories (fictionalized, of course) into the plot. Crazy things that only (but really, truly) happen in the country…

The Imogene Museum and Sockeye County mystery series share the same cast of characters. Each book in both series is a standalone mystery, but the characters and their relationships develop across the two series. While the Imogene Museum series centers specifically around the museum and all the stories are narrated by the museum curator, Meredith Sills, the Sockeye County series takes a deeper look at the inner workings of the sheriff’s department and is narrated from several different viewpoints.

If you want to read the stories in chronological order (best for tracking relationship development), this is the sequence:

Rock Bottom (Imogene Museum #1)

Doubled Up (Imogene Museum #2)

Sight Shot (Imogene Museum #3)

Tin Foil (Imogene Museum #4)

Faux Reel (Imogene Museum #5)

Shift Burn (Imogene Museum #6)

Stray Narrow (Imogene Museum #7)

Sockeye County Shorts (Sockeye County #1)

Sockeye County Briefs (Sockeye County #2)

Sockeye County Au Naturel (Sockeye County #3)

Sockeye County Skinny (Sockeye County #4)

Sockeye County Union (Sockeye County #5)

Time Share (Imogene Museum #8)